We are now happy to announce that we will continue this journey towards bringing healthy nutrition to all by allowing you the opportunity to pick up your favorite juice at one of our trusted partners around town.


Not only can you order for pick up, but many partners have Cross Roots Juice as part of their retail offerings. We love finding like minded businesses and want to share the love with you all.

Simply select a store you would like to pick up from and choose a location near you.

Of course we will continue to deliver right to your doorstep, but life is about options, and we know you are busy. This is one more way to get your juice and get back to:

Doing what matters!

REACH YOGA - Pacific Beach

Whether you’re just curious about yoga, a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, Reach Yoga has classes specifically geared for you.

Reach Yoga offers both vinyasa and sculpt classes. Vinyasa means “flow” which allows for flowing movement to guide you from one pose to the next. Sculpt is a strength-training class which adds free weights and speeds up the lean muscle mass building-process.

Yoga is a life-changing practice and can transform not only your physical, but emotional and mental health. The mat is a platform…your platform for change, growth, inspiration, and peace.


Cross Roots is the intersection between local farms, nutrition, and our community.

Roots don't just hold a plant together, they are the flourishing power behind what you see. We see nutrition as the roots to a better future self.