San Diego is home.


Does any of this sound familiar?

∞ Healthy drinks don't taste goodI
∞ I want healthy food, but I can't tell what is healthy and what isn't
∞ I love juice, but making my own is messy and time-consumingI
∞ I don't trust the health industry

If so, you've come to the right place.

We are Adam and Kristen Boyar Co-founders of Cross Roots Juice and we are on a mission to help the world live healthier, happier lives without having to fight confusion about food and health. As a husband and wife team with little ones, we know how hard it can be to make healthy choices.

Imagine if...
∞ You could drink something that tastes amazing, but is actually healthy for you
∞ You were able to know exactly what's in your juice and where all the ingredients come from
∞ Your juice delivered fresh to you, no clean up!
∞ You had a delicious and convenient way to stay healthy

We believe it should be easy for people to get access to clean and natural products.  Our mission is not just to promote healthy living, but to better the health industry as a whole by delivering  organic nutrition to all.

The key to having people adopt healthier lifestyles is by simplifying health and wellness down to the ROOTS - clean and convenient cold-pressed juice!

Our Juice is different because...
You can actually taste the difference when it comes to quality, especially in raw juices.
∞ We source our organic fruits and vegetables from local farms whenever possible.
∞ We believe that the closer something is to its natural state, the healthier it will be for you.
∞ We believe glass jars should not just be for jam

Twenty years ago, we planted our roots in San Diego. Our motivation for health and wellness stemmed from our experience in the food and beverage industry for more than two decades. As our knowledge base grew alongside our family, we began to uncover a massive gap between the perception and reality of healthy food and beverage.

Like you, we see companies advertise as "healthy" or "fresh." What's not advertised is the pasteurization required for mass distribution and increased shelf life to kill bacteria also kills your juice's nutrients. Essentially these juices are little more than processed boiled down sugar water. 

This misleading narrative frustrated us, so...

We did something!

We have a problem, there is a major disconnect between what is "healthy" and what we truly need in our bodies. When you start to pay attention, you see that most of the health issues we battle today are largely due to this disconnect. From chronic fatigue and digestive problems to autoimmune diseases and mood disorders such as anxiety or depression – it all comes back to your nutrition.

After years of being in the business of cold-pressed juice and sharing homemade juices with friends and family, we've seen first-hand the benefits and changes that come. We felt compelled to share this with our community. 

For us, this is more than just a juice. It's an opportunity to spread love and awareness about what we believe in. Restoring your roots back to health by giving you real juice!

We are excited to grow Cross Roots with you.

With gratitude,
Kristen, Adam, Cece, and Dominic