Activate Your Nuts - 6 ¼ Reasons


What is activation?

The process sounds fancier and more complex than it is.

Activation is the process of soaking nuts or seeds in salt water, rinsing, and dehydrating.
At Home "how to" at the bottom 👇👇👇

This causes the nuts to sprout, which produces countless health benefits.

Most store-bought nuts are not sprouted or activated. This is why we need to do this to raw unroasted nuts ourselves.

Here are our top 6 1/4 reasons why to activated your nuts!


1. Digestion:

Activated nuts are easier to digest because the process of activating them produces a sprouting effect. Sprouted nuts have begun breaking down prior to reaching our digestive system, which makes it so much easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients. They also contain more enzymes than their unactivated counterparts, which help us digest them even further.

2. Removes anti-nutrients:
Phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, and tannins are removed during the soaking process. Less phytic acid means that the nutrients in activated nuts are much easier to absorb and assimilate in your body.
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3. Gut Health
Sprouted nuts contain more enzymes, making it easier on the gut and producing less acid for a healthier PH balance that limits inflammation. Our gut is our second brain, this means the better we treat is, the better it will treat us.

4. Weight Loss
Sprouted nuts/seeds have a high satiety index, meaning that they help you feel full. If you feel full, you are less likely to overeat.

5. Fat Break Down
The sprouting process activates the enzyme lipase which releases free fatty acids from fats and increases nutrient availability significantly. In other words, your body can absorb more minerals from nuts when they're activated and break down fats more effectively.

6. Limit Phytates
Phytates are plant storage compounds which bind minerals: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphate, making them less available for absorption. By sprouting them, these nutrients are much more bio-available.

6 ¼. They Taste Better
This one is not a "health" reason, but sprouting nuts naturally makes them much softer and easier to chew. It releases flavors and healthy fats that your mouth would never taste otherwise.

Sprouted nuts - Activated and dehydrated

At Home Activation - How To 👇👇👇

∞ Submerge nuts with salt water, cover and soak for at least 4 hours, not more than 24 hours.

∞ Rinse thoroughly after removing from water to rinse off toxins.

∞ Dehydrate for 1-2 hours on a low temperature to remove moisture and avoid any risk for mold.




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